Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Recap and Plan for this week

How was everyone's weekend?!  Mine was great.  I got to go shopping alone, yes NO kiddo's.  It was pretty amazing to spend the day alone.

Anyway, I thought I'd do my weekly recap and my plan for next week. All my meals were right on.  I ate out only once when I was shopping and other then that we stuck to our meal plan like white on rice.  It was great, but also had a lot of fails for the kids.  I need to remember when trying new recipes that I need to spread them out more.  Kids were less then thrilled with 3/5 of my choices.  Makes eating left overs harder too.

Workout wise was not as many as I wanted but I still got in 3 good ones.  I would like to get in 5 a week.  Of course all my walking Saturday could count for a small workout, but that's not going on my list.
I did 3 days of couch 2 5k, which is what you are SUPPOSE to do.  I wanted to get in 2 circuit type days or at least walking days in there, but alas I failed.

This weeks plan looks like this:


Cheeseburger Casserole (last time this was a BIG hit with the kids)
Chicken Adobo: New recipe
Steak with sweet potato and regular potato fries along with some veggies... all on the grill
Veggie beef Stew
Pizza Burritos
Leftovers x2

30 day shred
30 day shred
active recovery

There ya have it.  My intentions for everything.  I will be out of town on Saturday doing a vendor event, so that is officially my rest day then on Sunday I would still like to get out on a family walk.

What is your plan for the week?

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