Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time Flys

Hey friends :)  Bet you didn't expect to see me back so soon.

This week I'm planning on being MUCH better in the food/work out department.  I have trainings scheduled 3 days this week and a 10k on Sunday.  A 10K?! YOU?!  Don't worry it's not a run!  YET!  Someday I hope to run one, but this weekend is just a 10K hike.  It's an amazing hike out here in South Dakota where only 2 times a year do they allow people to hike up Crazy Horse.  My mom and sister in law did it last year and I was incredibly jealous.  I, at the time, was about 8 months pregnant and in no shape to do that.  So I'm very happy and excited to do it this year with my mom.

I will work on posting pictures.  I know I have to post any, but somehow it makes this whole blogging through my journey seem a bit to real.  People will actually KNOW who I am!  It's scary, but I promise I will take pictures and post them.

This weeks workout schedule:
Monday: C25K
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: C25K
Thursday: C25K
Friday: Off (travel day)
Saturday: Off (wedding)
Sunday: 10k Crazy Horse Walk

For meals I'm planning simple since we are still in the middle of a move.  I'm making up about 4 pound of sloppy joe meat (using the Wildtree blend, as me if you are curious)  So it will be all organic and no extra chemicals or MSG added in!   That will last for the kiddo's and me for a few days.  I usually put mine on salads.

Also, I will be make the kids alfredo (their favorite, not so much mine) while I eat salad or something different.  There will be left overs from the freezer we need to eat up and if we still need more we will do grilled chicken.

I got a bountiful basket this week, so am very excited for the corn on the cob!! Cucumbers are always a favorite around here too.  I also got lots of cherries and blueberries, so our produce is set for a good week or two.

Question of the Day:  WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU DO WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASH?!  I got 6 good sized ones in my basket today and have no idea what to do with them!

Friday, May 24, 2013

All Over the Place

So incredibly sorry I have not been on so much the last couple of weeks.  Normally when someone is posting about losing weight and working out then not actually posting there is a theory that you may be gaining weight and not working out.  That is NOT the case this time.

Between my grandfathers passing and us moving life has just been hectic.  I have been keeping up with my workout schedule almost to the T.  I have missed only 1 day in my training due to being sick.  I am slowly learning when my body needs a break and it was screaming at me to just rest, so I did.

Eats have been all over, but the same.  I have tried to make lots of one thing then eat of it for a few days, so as to not have to cook so much random stuff.  My kitchen is TORN apart, and really I have very few items to even work with until the move.  The next 4-6 weeks will be total chaos basically.

Once we close on our house life will be grand.  Errr... something like that.

How have all your workouts been?

Any new ones I should be trying?

Any new Recipes?

I have a few for you, but one thing I have been absolutely loving lately is MANGOS!  Can you believe I have not ever tried these until just recently.  Thank you Bountiful Baskets!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey Friends <3

I'm sorry for being MIA for the last week.  We had a family emergency and I had to be out of town for the last week.  As most of my readers know my grandpa had cancer.  He was the only grandpa I ever knew and  last Friday he lost his battle.  He was an AMAZING man.  He has already inspired me in more ways then I can count.  Sitting around with family talking, and he has inspired me even more.  I had already decided to run this race for those who couldn't.  ie: those with no legs, illnesses, injuries, etc.  Now I have decided that I'm running this first 5k completely in the name of my Grandpa.

I am already working up an awesome shirt to wear, and am so excited.  Another thing that I found out about my grandpa was his favorite quote or motto:  If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.   I NEVER knew or had heard him say that before.  My mom said that was always his big thing, if its worth it to you to do something then it's worth doing it right.  Therefore I'm doing this right because it's worth doing.

Here's my update on my workout schedule last week:
Monday: C25k
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: C25K
Thursday: OFF
Friday: C25K

Yep, you saw that right, I did my all 3 of my workouts on schedule and did fairly well.  This week I had a lot of mental issues obviously and struggled a bit moving into week 4 on Wednesday.  Today I finish week 4 and am thinking I may spend 1 more week here.  It' the half way point, and while I feel like my recovery period is so much better and I'm ready to go quicker, I do find myself struggling to make it through the entire 5 minute run.  Today it is run 4, run 6, run 3.  So we will see how it goes.  If I struggle like I did on Wednesday I really think it's best to redo the week.

How have your workouts gone this week?
Here is your "pin"spriation:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Faves

I thought I'd do a little Friday Favorite post.  I'm still working on the whole what to blog when to blog thing so bare with me.  I am going to post one of my favorite recipes right now.  

I know broccoli sounds boring, but my kids ages 5 and 6 gobbed this up.  

Baked Broccoli

1 head of Broccoli cut up into small pieces
1-2 TBL oil (I used garlic grape seed oil) (find it HERE)

Then Season to taste, I used: 
Chili Powder
Parmesan Cheese

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20-30 minutes depending on how much broccoli you use.

I served it up with some yummy rib-eye steak and watermelon.

Do you have an recipes you have been loving lately? 

A little "PIN"spiration for the weekend: 
I always think I need to be running faster or farther.  What I'm learning is a mile is a mile whether it is walked or ran, whether done in 6 minute or 16 minutes.  You're moving faster then those sitting on the side lines. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dealing with Disappointment

Hey friends <3

I thought I would do a question and answer type post.  What do you all do for disappointing workout moments.  When you are either psyched for a workout and it isn't a great one, or you aren't moving on the scale or inches the way you want to be or feel like you should be.

For me, I usually end up quitting and going back to normal because hey, I changed and it didn't help.  Then I read a quote about ONE unhealthy meal will not make you fat just like ONE healthy meal will make you skinny.  It was actually eye opening to read.  It's true, just because I changed for a week or two doesn't mean that I will be skinny.  It took me 8 years to gain all the weight.  Now, I'm hoping it isn't going to take me 8 years to lose it, but I need to be realistic in my goals and of myself.  I can't lose all 30 pounds overnight.  It is going to take months of hard work to reverse what I have done to my body.

Also, I told many of you I was doing the Usana weightless challenge. I was down and out, I hadn't lost 1 pound let a lone .2 in almost 3 weeks!  Last week I lost 1 pound and this week I'm on goal to lose 1.5-2. I changed up my routine.  I'm trying to get in at least 3 days of c25k or some sort of workout every week.  So this time instead of quitting I changed what I was doing.  So to go along with my eating healthy I added in more exercise instead of just doing 30 minutes on the wii, I got out there and was more aggressive with my workouts.  Sure it's hard to fit it in, but my husband has been HUGE in helping me with this.  He will come home 1/2 hour early so I can go workout, or he will have me bring the kids to him at work and I go do my workouts.  Having someone there to help you is a big thing.  If I didn't have him for encouragement I don't know that I would have ever started.

I also have a friend who I told my goal to.  I told her I wanted to run a 5k this summer.  I signed up for one and have been doing the training.  I also was vulnerable and told her that usually week 3 is the week I quit.  I told her why and explained how I'm feeling very intimidated going into week 3 today.  I was making up excuses NOT to go today and she said, well after coaching we will go to the track and just do it.  That meant so much to me that I'm going to have someone there to help push me through.

So my point is. Find a workout buddy or a companion who will understand your struggles as a mom, wife, or just a single person trying her best.  Don't give up when you are tired of doing it or not losing how you want.  Change your routine and most importantly your attitude!

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