Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey friends! I'm moving up in the world.  I'm working on switching everything over to wordpress!  Find me at the most up to date blog : 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let's Talk About Food

I have recently discovered that it is the FOOD that really makes or breaks the "healthy living."  You can workout all day everyday, but if you are trying to LOSE then you won't.  If you do you will maybe not lose as quickly as you would like.

For me, I have learned that working out everyday with Jillian Michaels meant nothing if I wasn't eating right.  I have always read that abs happen in the kitchen, but didn't really take the time to figure out why.  Now that we are tracking what we eat again, I'm learning that I can honestly lose without working out.  If I eat right, I can keep that in check.  Of course the hubs and I have to make a game out of everything, so we set mini goals for ourselves.  This week the goal is 10 miles.

Tonight we are doing a game where we will both go 2 miles, the same path and whoever beats the others time wins.  The winner gets something.  A golf trip alone, no diapers for 24 hours, or dish duty.  Really you can make it anything you want.

I'm cursed lucky enough to have a partner who likes fish.  I have always told him if he catches it or buys it and brings it home, I will figure out a way to cook it.  When I do the grocery shopping that isn't hard to avoid.  However, I showed up yesterday and he has tilapia in his hand.  I'm thinking how gross is this.  I kept my promise though and got some feedback from facebook and found a taco recipe that we tried tonight.  It was not bad.  While, I won't make a habit out of eating it, I can find it in my heart to make it once or twice a month because I know the hubs enjoys it.  Plus, the health benefits aren't bad either.

I took a picture, but it turned out not so great.  I will learn I promise!  Here is a picture of the one we had, I just used the picture from where I got the recipe.  Go HERE to find it and the photo source.

On another note.  My activity today was SWIMMING.  How amazing is that.  I jumped in at break and got in 15 minutes of laps.  I'm headed out here soon for some training.  It will be my first time running since my 5k.  I just walked this week because my legs were totally sore.  I'm starting week 3 Day 1 of C25K.

What are some foods you like to eat?  Anything new I should try? What did you do today to sweat? 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The ABC's of ME!

I figured since I'm fairly new at the whole blogging thing and you guys don't really know that much about me, I would do a little survey that I have seen floating around the blog world.  Enjoy and feel free to fill it out and comment saying you did! :) 

A. Attached or Single? Attached. Jeff and I just celebrated NINE years of marriage. We have been together for about 10 1/2 years now and have 3 beautiful children to show for it.

B. Best Friend? I have two actually.  Terri and Jennifer.  Not sure what I would do without them in my life.  They are the type of friends where you can go for a couple months without talking (live in totally separate state) and pick up right where we left off with no awkwardness.  Love them like sisters <---- May sound cheesy

C. Cake or pie? Cake. <---nuf said 

D. Day of choice? Wow, weird.  I'm thinking the weekend.  The hubs is home from work and the kids aren't in school. 

E. Essential Item? Diet Pepsi and my iphone.  Weird combo.  Soon my Diet Pepsi will no longer be a part of my day, but for now I definitely enjoy it daily. 

F. Favorite color? Blue

G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears 

H. Home town? A VERY small town in Western Nebraska

J. January or July? July.  Only for the fact that January is to cold for me.  I prefer October ;) 

L. Life isn’t complete without? This may sound totally cliche, but my family, friends, and God.  I couldn't imagine my life without any of them!

M. Marriage date? June 26, 2004

N. Number of brothers/sisters? 1 older Brother.  Plus 3 Sister in Laws and 2 Brother in Laws

O. Oranges or Apples? Depends on the season

P. Phobias? Really about anything that may fly, slither, or have 8 legs! :D

Q. Quotes? 

R. Reasons to smile? Life. Life is good and a true blessing. Never forget that.

S. Season of choice? Fall!!!

T. Tag 5 People.  If your birthday is in October... go at it :)

U. Unknown fact about me? There are so many!  I just started this whole blogging thing so really there is still alot about me you will all be finding out!  Probably more then you ever wanted to.

V. Vegetable? Zucchini is my new love. 

W. Worst habit? I'm a major Internet junkie.  I love online shopping.  Not to a crazy extreme, but I definitely got worse since moving to a SMALL town where I can't just run to walmart and grab what I need.  Amazon is my new best friend.

X. Xray or Ultrasound? uhhh... ok  Ultrasound? 

Y. Your favorite food? Pizza or Nachos.  You can never go wrong with those.  So not healthy but, totally worth it.

Z. Zodiac sign? Libra

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

rumply tummy

Yep, that's how I feel.  I officially am BACK on weight watchers and going strong.  I have already lost a few pounds and of course as with any new things you are hungry until your stomach gets used to it.  I did great the first 2 days , yesterday I saved points for desserts and that was my first mistake.  I need to not do that because then the majority of my points are junk and I go to bed hungry and grumpy.

Today we have a retirement party to head to and I am doing the same thing. Saving points for the junk.  Not sure why.  I am however going to eat a sensible supper.  I'm going in with a plan.  Steak is on the agenda and everyone is bringing a side.  I brought one I can eat and am going to fill my plate with fruit/salads.  I will allow myself to pick one treat and go with it.  I am not going to feel guilty, but I'm going to portion.

I have a couple people already on my side with this, so if I go the other way I have some back up.  Can't wait to see how my first challenge goes. Looking forward to it being a slam dunk.

Will update as I go and want to come up with something to make it fun for you guys.  Maybe weekly recipes, monthly giveaways, or something of the sort.  Comment with what you would be most excited to see.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's about to get real!

Stuff around here is about to get real.  I thought I was doing a really good job keeping the eating in check and my workouts have been much better these past couple of weeks.  However, this morning when I stepped on the scale it said something different! :(

It was definitely not the number I was expecting, but somehow it didn't surprise me.  I feel like I"m stuck in this 180-186 spot.  I have been for a year now!  I yo yo up and down between 181-185.  That stops NOW!

I am working on my game plan.  As much as I hated counting points and having to figure all that out, for me, it worked.  I cannot deny that the only time in my life that I actually lost weight and was keeping it off was when I was following weight watchers.   Now, since the closet one to me is about 90 some miles away, I'm going to do a combo of online/in person.   When I am in town, which is usually 1 or 2 times a month, I am going to go weigh in and go to a meeting.  The rest of the time, I am going to do it online.

I cannot tell you how bummed I am with myself, but at the same time I'm not going to be a downer.  I messed up and I obviously still need that little bit of help as far as tracking goes.  I need the person to person weigh in's and accountability to weigh in in front of someone.

That is the plan for that.  I'm going to work on a meal plan and a workout schedule for this week.  I have several family members coming to town this next week, and my baby turns 1.  I am not going to let that be an excuse to "start tomorrow."  

I will post my tentative schedule tomorrow! :)

What do you do when you "fall off the wagon?"

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time Flys

Hey friends :)  Bet you didn't expect to see me back so soon.

This week I'm planning on being MUCH better in the food/work out department.  I have trainings scheduled 3 days this week and a 10k on Sunday.  A 10K?! YOU?!  Don't worry it's not a run!  YET!  Someday I hope to run one, but this weekend is just a 10K hike.  It's an amazing hike out here in South Dakota where only 2 times a year do they allow people to hike up Crazy Horse.  My mom and sister in law did it last year and I was incredibly jealous.  I, at the time, was about 8 months pregnant and in no shape to do that.  So I'm very happy and excited to do it this year with my mom.

I will work on posting pictures.  I know I have to post any, but somehow it makes this whole blogging through my journey seem a bit to real.  People will actually KNOW who I am!  It's scary, but I promise I will take pictures and post them.

This weeks workout schedule:
Monday: C25K
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: C25K
Thursday: C25K
Friday: Off (travel day)
Saturday: Off (wedding)
Sunday: 10k Crazy Horse Walk

For meals I'm planning simple since we are still in the middle of a move.  I'm making up about 4 pound of sloppy joe meat (using the Wildtree blend, as me if you are curious)  So it will be all organic and no extra chemicals or MSG added in!   That will last for the kiddo's and me for a few days.  I usually put mine on salads.

Also, I will be make the kids alfredo (their favorite, not so much mine) while I eat salad or something different.  There will be left overs from the freezer we need to eat up and if we still need more we will do grilled chicken.

I got a bountiful basket this week, so am very excited for the corn on the cob!! Cucumbers are always a favorite around here too.  I also got lots of cherries and blueberries, so our produce is set for a good week or two.

Question of the Day:  WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU DO WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASH?!  I got 6 good sized ones in my basket today and have no idea what to do with them!

Friday, May 24, 2013

All Over the Place

So incredibly sorry I have not been on so much the last couple of weeks.  Normally when someone is posting about losing weight and working out then not actually posting there is a theory that you may be gaining weight and not working out.  That is NOT the case this time.

Between my grandfathers passing and us moving life has just been hectic.  I have been keeping up with my workout schedule almost to the T.  I have missed only 1 day in my training due to being sick.  I am slowly learning when my body needs a break and it was screaming at me to just rest, so I did.

Eats have been all over, but the same.  I have tried to make lots of one thing then eat of it for a few days, so as to not have to cook so much random stuff.  My kitchen is TORN apart, and really I have very few items to even work with until the move.  The next 4-6 weeks will be total chaos basically.

Once we close on our house life will be grand.  Errr... something like that.

How have all your workouts been?

Any new ones I should be trying?

Any new Recipes?

I have a few for you, but one thing I have been absolutely loving lately is MANGOS!  Can you believe I have not ever tried these until just recently.  Thank you Bountiful Baskets!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey Friends <3

I'm sorry for being MIA for the last week.  We had a family emergency and I had to be out of town for the last week.  As most of my readers know my grandpa had cancer.  He was the only grandpa I ever knew and  last Friday he lost his battle.  He was an AMAZING man.  He has already inspired me in more ways then I can count.  Sitting around with family talking, and he has inspired me even more.  I had already decided to run this race for those who couldn't.  ie: those with no legs, illnesses, injuries, etc.  Now I have decided that I'm running this first 5k completely in the name of my Grandpa.

I am already working up an awesome shirt to wear, and am so excited.  Another thing that I found out about my grandpa was his favorite quote or motto:  If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.   I NEVER knew or had heard him say that before.  My mom said that was always his big thing, if its worth it to you to do something then it's worth doing it right.  Therefore I'm doing this right because it's worth doing.

Here's my update on my workout schedule last week:
Monday: C25k
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: C25K
Thursday: OFF
Friday: C25K

Yep, you saw that right, I did my all 3 of my workouts on schedule and did fairly well.  This week I had a lot of mental issues obviously and struggled a bit moving into week 4 on Wednesday.  Today I finish week 4 and am thinking I may spend 1 more week here.  It' the half way point, and while I feel like my recovery period is so much better and I'm ready to go quicker, I do find myself struggling to make it through the entire 5 minute run.  Today it is run 4, run 6, run 3.  So we will see how it goes.  If I struggle like I did on Wednesday I really think it's best to redo the week.

How have your workouts gone this week?
Here is your "pin"spriation:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Faves

I thought I'd do a little Friday Favorite post.  I'm still working on the whole what to blog when to blog thing so bare with me.  I am going to post one of my favorite recipes right now.  

I know broccoli sounds boring, but my kids ages 5 and 6 gobbed this up.  

Baked Broccoli

1 head of Broccoli cut up into small pieces
1-2 TBL oil (I used garlic grape seed oil) (find it HERE)

Then Season to taste, I used: 
Chili Powder
Parmesan Cheese

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20-30 minutes depending on how much broccoli you use.

I served it up with some yummy rib-eye steak and watermelon.

Do you have an recipes you have been loving lately? 

A little "PIN"spiration for the weekend: 
I always think I need to be running faster or farther.  What I'm learning is a mile is a mile whether it is walked or ran, whether done in 6 minute or 16 minutes.  You're moving faster then those sitting on the side lines. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dealing with Disappointment

Hey friends <3

I thought I would do a question and answer type post.  What do you all do for disappointing workout moments.  When you are either psyched for a workout and it isn't a great one, or you aren't moving on the scale or inches the way you want to be or feel like you should be.

For me, I usually end up quitting and going back to normal because hey, I changed and it didn't help.  Then I read a quote about ONE unhealthy meal will not make you fat just like ONE healthy meal will make you skinny.  It was actually eye opening to read.  It's true, just because I changed for a week or two doesn't mean that I will be skinny.  It took me 8 years to gain all the weight.  Now, I'm hoping it isn't going to take me 8 years to lose it, but I need to be realistic in my goals and of myself.  I can't lose all 30 pounds overnight.  It is going to take months of hard work to reverse what I have done to my body.

Also, I told many of you I was doing the Usana weightless challenge. I was down and out, I hadn't lost 1 pound let a lone .2 in almost 3 weeks!  Last week I lost 1 pound and this week I'm on goal to lose 1.5-2. I changed up my routine.  I'm trying to get in at least 3 days of c25k or some sort of workout every week.  So this time instead of quitting I changed what I was doing.  So to go along with my eating healthy I added in more exercise instead of just doing 30 minutes on the wii, I got out there and was more aggressive with my workouts.  Sure it's hard to fit it in, but my husband has been HUGE in helping me with this.  He will come home 1/2 hour early so I can go workout, or he will have me bring the kids to him at work and I go do my workouts.  Having someone there to help you is a big thing.  If I didn't have him for encouragement I don't know that I would have ever started.

I also have a friend who I told my goal to.  I told her I wanted to run a 5k this summer.  I signed up for one and have been doing the training.  I also was vulnerable and told her that usually week 3 is the week I quit.  I told her why and explained how I'm feeling very intimidated going into week 3 today.  I was making up excuses NOT to go today and she said, well after coaching we will go to the track and just do it.  That meant so much to me that I'm going to have someone there to help push me through.

So my point is. Find a workout buddy or a companion who will understand your struggles as a mom, wife, or just a single person trying her best.  Don't give up when you are tired of doing it or not losing how you want.  Change your routine and most importantly your attitude!

Your "PIN"spiration for the day:

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Recap and Plan for this week

How was everyone's weekend?!  Mine was great.  I got to go shopping alone, yes NO kiddo's.  It was pretty amazing to spend the day alone.

Anyway, I thought I'd do my weekly recap and my plan for next week. All my meals were right on.  I ate out only once when I was shopping and other then that we stuck to our meal plan like white on rice.  It was great, but also had a lot of fails for the kids.  I need to remember when trying new recipes that I need to spread them out more.  Kids were less then thrilled with 3/5 of my choices.  Makes eating left overs harder too.

Workout wise was not as many as I wanted but I still got in 3 good ones.  I would like to get in 5 a week.  Of course all my walking Saturday could count for a small workout, but that's not going on my list.
I did 3 days of couch 2 5k, which is what you are SUPPOSE to do.  I wanted to get in 2 circuit type days or at least walking days in there, but alas I failed.

This weeks plan looks like this:


Cheeseburger Casserole (last time this was a BIG hit with the kids)
Chicken Adobo: New recipe
Steak with sweet potato and regular potato fries along with some veggies... all on the grill
Veggie beef Stew
Pizza Burritos
Leftovers x2

30 day shred
30 day shred
active recovery

There ya have it.  My intentions for everything.  I will be out of town on Saturday doing a vendor event, so that is officially my rest day then on Sunday I would still like to get out on a family walk.

What is your plan for the week?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The plan this week

Sorry I didn't post anything about what I'm doing in the last one.  Apparently I needed a little cheese with my wine.
So even though this week is half over I'm going to post my plan.

Cx veggie bake
Salsa burgers
Santa Fe chicken
Sweet potato pizza
Leftovers x2

C25k week 2 day 1 plus 2 mile walk (DONE)
C25K week 2 day 2 (DONE)
30 day shred
C25k week 2 day 3
Active recovery
Walk 3 miles
C2k5 week 2 day 4 (I'm doing this week 4x yes!)

There is the plan! On Monday that extra walk was a total random thing.  I had just finished my workout when a friend came in to do her walk, so I decided to stay and walk with her. Knowing she would only walk 2 miles made it easier to decide that! I knew I could do 30 more minutes of walking.

I want to add in some strength type exercises as well, so this week I'm adding in a 20 min shred video.  I'm thinking next week I might try to do Mwf runs and then t and th do arms/legs.   I may be Getty ahead of  myself so let's see how the rest of this week goes!

What is your workout and eating plans??

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Can't it Be Easy?

The past 2 weeks I have been working on eating low glycemic and just overall healthier.  However, I find myself at times really struggling to want to workout or eat right.  This is one thing I wish was the easiest party to "fix."  

One of the biggest things I have noticed is I'm finding out when and why I have my binges.  Yesterday, for example, I had cereal, cookies, and all sorts of not good for you items.  (Note: about to be TMI) I find when I am about a week out from aunt flo visiting, I eat and eat and eat.  Whatever is there and lots of it.  So at least I'm aware of when and why it's happening then.  Working on the rest!

I don't know about you, but around here we are on our second snow storm in 2 weeks.  I am tired of being inside! I need some Vitamin D and some walking with a friend.  I have a hard time and get somewhat depressed when I'm cooped up and can't leave.  I was going to buy a month at the town gym so I could at least get out at night, however, this seems to be the two weeks the hubs has a crazy amount of meetings and such at work so isn't getting home until 5:30-6.  Our gym closes at 6, so bummer for me! :(  

Okay, enough pity party.  Apparently I just needed to get it out.  Now, I'm off to get the babe up from her nap and have a little play time before the other 2 get home from school.

How are you all doing with your health journey? 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughts on 5 Day Reset

So I didn't end up doing a 5th day review, because I was out of town.  I instead did low glycemic choices for the day, which is what the program is anyway.  I only ended up losing 2 pounds doing the reset, and am honestly very disappointed in my results.  I hate to compare myself to others, however, most of the group doing this lost up to 5% of their body weight.  I lost 2%.

Why did I only lose 2?  I have no idea.  On Thursday I got so sick and light headed.  I really think that it may have something to do with the fact that it just was not enough food for my body.  I may have been getting the nutrition, but as far as calories go, I really don't think I was getting enough.

This week I have been working on eating every 2-3 hours and making healthy choices. I did have a moment where I may have had 1 to many pieces of bread, but other then that I feel like I have do VERY well.  I'm hoping to catch onto the grasp of doing a 80% good 20% whatever I want balance.  It will definitely take some work on my part because I tend to lean to far to one side.  Either I'm eating 100% good or 100% bad.  I need to find that balance and know that it is okay to not eat perfect all the time.

Right now I'm in the transition phase.  I usually have a shake for breakfast and leftovers from the night before for lunch.  My snacks are usually of the fruit area.

I've been feeling pretty good on this, the only problem I have been having is every. single. afternoon I have been getting a headache.  I know it's not a caffeine headache because i have been off of that for a couple of weeks now, but it is sure annoying!  Any ideas?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 4 of Reset Challenge

Starting weight: 183.4
Weight today: 181.2 womp womp wooomp!

Down 2.2lbs

Exactly the same as yesterday!  A little discouraging and a little bit of a bummer, but I think at this point my body is like, whoa, what are you doing?! Where is the food!?!?!? Okay, maybe I'm being dramatic, but that is how I feel.

Breakfast 8am chocolate shake plus my am vitamin pak

Snack: 2 hard boiled egg whites and 1c. Grapes (10:30)

Lunch: chocolate shake

Thoughts on today: I got sick, so honestly I just smacked on fruits and veggies the rest of the day! 

How am I feeling today? I woke up with a head cold so that totally sucks.  However, I'm making the best of it.  You know when you are sick and all you want is food!  Yep, that is how I feel.  It's not that I'm craving certain foods per-say  I think it is just the fact I  maybe miss it a little? It tasted good, and I felt better.  Working through those feelings are never easy, and when you are sick it makes it a little harder.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 3 Reset Challenge

Wow! I can't believe it is day 3 already and I'm still going!! I usually have given up on anything new by now!  I really feel like this is working.  It's hard, but effective.

Starting weight: 183.4
Weight today: 181.2

Down 2.2lbs

Only about a half of a pound in difference from yesterday.  I do feel the fact that I haven't been able to walk is a Big factor.  In fact when I'm done updating this I plan on walking on the wii.  I guess we will find out later if that happens.  I have been updating this throughout the day as I go in case you were wondering.

Breakfast 8am chocolate shake plus my am vitamin pak

Snack: Pb crunch bar

Lunch: chocolate shake

Snack: 2 hard boiled egg whites and 1 1/2 c. Grapes

Supper: sautéed cauliflower and carrots with a chocolate shake about 1/2 hour later plus my pm vitamin pack.

Water intake: 68 oz. (for me that's HUGE)

Thoughts on today: was much easier! I didn't have any headaches or cravings.  I did almost eat a pretzel when my daughter had some for snack, but I didn't! I may or may not have smelled the bag a couple of times, but I did NOT eat any! Can't wait to see what the next two days bring!

How am I feeling today? Well, this morning I was actually able to get up and get going about 7:30 with no problems! I usually head back to bed when my daughter goes down for her morning nap, but I stayed up today to do the wii and update myself on the blog.  It's actually nice to have that couple hours of alone time to do something for me! 

I didn't feel really all that tired once afternoon hit.  I did 60 min on the wii doing step aerobics.  I got in of 7,200 steps!  I'm working on my other 2,800 so my day hits 10,000!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 2 Reset Challenge

Hey all! Today is day 2.

Starting weight: 183.4
Weight today: 181.8

Down 1.8pounds.

I was feeling very discouraged last night after not loving the strawberry and vanilla.  Lucky for me I got the transform kit as well, so will mostly be drinking the chocolate protein from now on.  I am going to do a vanilla at lunch and try to add in some fruit to try it that way.  Here's to hoping.

Breakfast 10am chocolate shake

Snack: Was crazy hungry, so I had a can of mixed veggies! I'm going to eat my bar in about 20 minutes.  I was seeing dots I was so hungry so I'm going to eat a bar at 1, then eat my shake at 230ish...

Lunch: I decided to go with another chocolate shake.  I didn't want to blend the blender bc my babe was sleeping! She isn't feeling the best so didn't want to risk waking her up.  I also waited until about 3 for this!

Snack: Pear

Supper: sautéed zucchini and squash

Thoughts on today: It went well.  Obviously supper is the hardest because I'm cooking for my family when I'm only eating veggies! Tonight the plan is to make them alfredo(one of my least favorite foods) and then I'm going to sauté some zucchini and squash along with a pear on the side. :).

I didn't eat my last shake or bar, but am really not in the mood. I may just eat some grapes before bed.

How am I feeling today? A lot hungrier, a little groggy and out of it this afternoon.  I did eat extra veggies today and feel ok with it.  Lets see how tomorrows weigh in goes! :) Day 2 DONE!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 1 Reset Challenge

Today is Day 1 of the reset challenge!

Starting Weight 183.4 (i had to use a different scale as we are out of town, so hopefully that is similar to what my scale at home would/will say) (edit: when I got home and weig it was 184.6 so.. Who knows)

Breakfast: I had a chocolate shake for breakfast and it was good.  I was a little skeptical as I didn't like the      strawberry and had only took a sip of the chocolate.

Snack: I had on crunch. Good, but not great.

Snack: pear... I was on the road

Lunch: strawberry shake..SICK! Horrible, could not gag it down.

Snack: Oatmeal raisin bar... Again horrid!

Supper: vanilla shake... I'm having a hard time stomaching the texture... Other then that not to bad.  Also I had steamed cauliflower and carrots.

Thoughts on Day 1: the morning was so easy, then it was nothing but disgusting-ness... Honestly of I would not have spent so much money I might quit... However, I have 4 days left.  I did get the transform kit and so may just do chocolate shakes until they run out! Also I may not add the whole pack to make the texture less creamy like...

How am I feeling? Good, just bummed that I had to eat steamed veggies while my family ate chicken wraps...  Not really hungry at all, but ready for tomorrow to be different!

Usana 5 Day Reset Challenge

Below is an insert taken from to help explain what I will be doing in the next 5 days.
 is a jump-start program to help you take positive steps toward reaching your health and 
The 5-Day RESET

By following the RESET program, you can lose up to five pounds in five days. RESET has been clinically tested, and its low-glycemic foundation is scientifically based. 
Rethink dieting. Resolve, renew, reinvent with RESET.

RESET™ Benefit
  • Can lose five pounds in five days†
  • Can lose two pounds a week for twelve weeks†
  • Low-glycemic ingredients to control carbohydrate cravings*
  • One of the most nutritional weight-loss programs on the market
  • Provides balanced nutrition and all you need for weight-loss success

  • Your RESET™ Kit Includes:
  • 15 Nutrimeal™ - Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Wild Strawberry
  • 5 Peanut Butter Crunch Nutrition Bars
  • 5 Oatmeal Raisin Nutrition Bars
  • 5 AM/PM HealthPak 100™ packets
  • Program guide
  • Motivational fridge magnet
  • DVD with world-class athletes Jennifer Azzi and Derek Parra

  • How It Works:

    For 5 days, you will enjoy a nutritious and filling USANA Nutrimeal Smoothie for breakfast, lunch and dinner and USANA Nutrition Bars for your AM and PM snacks, while taking the top rated USANA HealthPak 100, a convenience pack of our Essentials™ multivitamin, Active Calcium™, and USANA's unique Antioxidant Booster™. You can also have a serving of fruit each day and raw vegetables while on the RESET. We encourage moderate exercise during the five days and will coach you through the entire program.
    Now is this just a fad diet? Can you really reset everything in only 5 days without starving?!  Well, I will be your guinea pig and find out.  I will post my beginning weight.  I am also going to be weighing in each morning to see my results day to day.  I will be doing that ONLY during the reset phase.  After the 5 days, I will only be weighing in on Sunday mornings weekly for the next 7 weeks.  
    You may be asking why I decided on this.  I'm one of those people where if I don't see results basically right away I give up.  Doing the reset not only am I giving my body a chance to rid itself of the nasty toxins and hopefully cravings and urges to binge, I will be setting myself up to be successful during the 7 weeks following.  I'm hoping to see at least a 4-5 pound change these 5 days.  That in itself will keep me going because I will be seeing the results right away.  After that 1 or 2 pounds a week will be just fine with me.  
    See ya later with my weight and how my first day went! :) 

    Thursday, March 28, 2013

    Week 1 Day 1

    Hey friends! I know 2 posts in one day! I just wanted to report back that we did not go get pizza! Instead I did my first training for my 5k and had a chicken salad.  Yep, that's right, I worked out and had a salad.

    My motivation? My son.  Yep, he came home from school and would not stop bugging me to take him to the track.  I can't make this up people.  So we headed out and he played while I got my first walk/run in.  He walk/ran with me the best he could for almost a mile.  How can you not have motivation when you have a 6 year old cheering you on?

    What did you do for a workout today? What/who do you use for motivation?


    Hey Friends.  <3

    How has your fitness been going?!  I have walked the last 2 days and am hoping to get in a couch to 5k training tonight.  The kids don't have school tomorrow so we are thinking of heading over to the next town and getting pizza.  The taco pizza over there is to die for.  Plus, i get one last major indulgence before Monday when the 8 week challenge kicks in.  Not that this pizza is completely unhealthy.  It is actually very much like a great big salad with a side of bread sticks. Seriously good.

    I am working on putting together a post of my 5 day reset and I'm planning on posting daily while doing it with weights ect.  I already turned in my weight for the reset, and so I have to be crazy careful this weekend not to over indulge at Easter.  Speaking of... We will be gone for Easter visiting family, so we are waiting around tomorrow for the ups guy to get here with the goods.  My first day of this challenge will be done on the road.  No fun, but that is what needs to be done.

    The 5th day may also be a bit of a challenge as I got asked today to be a chaperone at my son's field trip.  I guess the word Challenge is definitely taking over here.  I am hoping since this first week we just mix it with water, I "should" be okay, so we will see.

    Any low glycemic meals that you make for you family would be GREATLY appreciated here too!!!!  I need some ideas!

    Tuesday, March 26, 2013

    My New "Plan"

    As many of you know I have been struggling for about 7 months gaining and losing the same 6 pounds.  I have tried what seems like every "fad" diet out there, so why not try another one!?  So on April 1st 2013, I will begin my journey with a Reset Challenge.

    I am doing a challenge with a group of friends for the next 8 weeks. April 1st thru May 27th.  The winner of this challenge will win $500!!!!  There are also weekly goals/prizes.  Now if winning $500 isn't motivational then I don't know what is!  Talk about a serious shopping spree for me.

    I'm looking forward to starting this and getting out of my losing and regaining the same 6 pounds.  I officially have signed up for my FIRST 5k.  I know, what am I thinking?  However, my husband has agreed to do it with me so we will start training April 1st as well.

    I will go over in detail with you each day what I'm doing that particular day and go over the products with you.  The first 5 days will be the Usana Reset Kit and then after that for the next 5 weeks I will do the transformation kit.  If the transformation kit is successful I may or may not decide to buy one more to finish out the challenge or to have on hand.

    The goal of this is to start eating more low glycemic meals so that my blood sugars can regulate and not give me that roller coaster affect I've been dealing with for, well, my entire life.

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013

    Crazy Happenings

    Hello all!  Sorry I have been MIA for the last week and a half!  I have had some SICK kiddo's.  My son was sick for 2 weeks then my baby got rsv, so I have been working on getting her healthy.  In the midst of all of this I got sick... No fun, for sure.

    Now that I think we are all on the mend, I can officially continue on in my journey to being more fit.  I am at the EXACT same weight that I measured in at last time which I believe was 184.  So I still have BIG plans on getting out of those 80's by April!  Yes, yes I do.

    I am hopefully going to get a workout in tonight if nothing else, I will do step ups on the wii.  I'm hoping to start training for my 5k this week, however the wind is estimated to be in the 20-30 mph range around these parts, so lets hope not!

    How are you all doing with your journey?! Anything you would like to see happening on here??

    Sunday, March 3, 2013

    Eats for the Week

    Hey Friends <3  Seriously, I feel like I'm talking to myself! ha ha

    How was your weekend?!  Ours went by way to quickly and also way slow at the same time.  We had 2 sick kiddo's, but LOTS of sunshine.

    Yesterday I got in a 2.7 mile walk and today I did 1.7.  I would have done more, but I took the kiddo's out and that was about all they could handle not feeling well.

    Tomorrow is a rest day/active recovery day for me.

    Eats this week will look something like this:

    Indian Tacos (I use Grape-seed Oil, I feel like that makes it a bit healthier)
    Salsa Verde (out of my Freezer book from
    Couple of nights of left overs
    Grilled Chicken with some sort of quinoa salad.

    Then this weekend will be whatever we have in the fridge, or I will come up with a pinterest recipe this week.  What are your menu's looking like?!

    "pin"spriation of the day:
    ha ha.. Sorry, that may not be a fitness one, but it was sure cute.

    Saturday, March 2, 2013

    Workout Plan

     Workout for March 3rd-9th
    Sunday: Walk 2 miles
    Monday: OFF/active recovery day
    Tuesday: JMBR #3
    Wednesday: Steady Cardio (walk or cardio DVD)
    Thursday: JMBR #4
    Friday: OFF/Active Recovery
    Saturday: Circuit/Shred #1 and/or #2

    There ya have it.  My tentative workout schedule this week.  Since today is Saturday we are planning on either taking the kids hiking or since they are not feeling the greatest, I will go for a walk while they are napping.  I have found a loop through the town that is about 2 miles long.  My goal is to walk that every Saturday/Sunday that we are in town and work my way up to running it.  March I will add 1 mile to it every Sunday, so that at the end of the month I will be up to 4 miles. (Doing the loop twice)  Then in April, I will start adding bursts of jogging in there.  My goal is to be able to run the loop or most of it by the end of May. So that gives me 2 months to work up to it. 

    What are you doing for workout this week? Stay tuned for a tentative meal plan for next week. <3

    Friday, March 1, 2013

    Crazy Week!

    Hey Friends <3

    Sorry for the lack of posting this week.  I have been dealing with some sick kiddo's.  While never fun we have had a good  week eats wise.

    I did do a lot of my shakes/smoothies for breakfast/lunch just due to the fact that I was trying to detox my body from all the crap I had been consuming.

    It's looking like a decent loss for the week so far.  I can't say any inches have slipped away because I haven't gotten in much exercise.  I have done a couple of walks, but that is it.  That seems to fall by the way side when things get hectic.  Even though that should be my number 1 priority!  Argggg.... finding balance is never easy.

    So this weekend, probably Sunday night, I will post a tentative menu/workout plan for the week.  That I will plan on following unless something cray cray comes up.

    What helps you get in exercise when dealing with sick kiddo's or crazy schedules?

    Another "pin"spiration for you :)

    Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    I walk the Line

    Hey friends.  Sorry about no post yesterday.  I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a rock truck and then they backed up and hit me again.  Horrible day.  However, today was much better.  I was able to get in a 2 mile walk with the babe while the older kids were in school.  THEN, the hubs came home a bit early and we went for a 1.5 mile walk as a family.  We had a contest to see who could walk the white line on the road without falling off.  Needless to say the adults failed miserably!  Felt so good and it got me over 3 miles in for the day!  Pretty pumped about that.

    Eats for the day go like this so far:
    Breakfast: Oatmeal and toast with peanut butter (was feeling the comfort foods I guess)
    Lunch: chicken salad, 2 egg whites, and graham crackers for a snack/dessert

    Tonight we are headed out with another family to the club to eat.  Not sure what I will get as I want to eat lighter since I did so well today.  There is some sort of connection going on where if you actually workout/move during the day you don't want to screw it up later!  So a hamburger and fries are probably not in my future.  Maybe 1 or 2 stolen fries from the kids won't hurt ;) 

    Measurement update.  Honestly I did check them Sunday night, but there was not a big difference, maybe 1 inch total from all places.  The weight ended up going down to 184 so that was a 2 pound loss, which I'm happy about.  My goal this week is to lose 2 more.  I would like to say peace out to the 180's in March so that is my goal as of now! 

    Tomorrow I plan on doing Jillian Michael's again.  I had to get over the soreness.  It will probably start back over tomorrow, but I was so sore I didn't want to do anything, which I don't think can be a good thing!

    I want to leave all you mama's out there with some "pin"spiration!  Look at the abs!

    Sunday, February 24, 2013


    Hey friends.  As you noticed no post Friday.  I was still crazy sore and decided to take a rest day on Friday as I'm trying to listen to my body a little this time.  We traveled as a family so I didn't get any exercise in yesterday.  We will hopefully make it home today as it is snowing like crazy here.  If we do I will do a workout tonight. 

    Eats have been fairly stable.  Usually when we leave for the weekend we use that as our excuse.  I have done fairly well. Of course we ate out, but I limited what I got to what I would normally order on my weight watchers diet, so I'm proud of that.  I did have 1 pop, but I went ahead and had a regular instead of diet to still avoid the aspartame. 

    How did you all do this weekend!?  Weigh in and measurements should be up tomorrow sometime! *pending the fact that we make it home :)

    Thursday, February 21, 2013

    Day 4

    Today was day 4!  I did my workout and my eats were actually GREAT.  I made 3 batches of caramel and did not eat one bite.  Huge thing for me.  I knew once I tasted that ooey gooey goodness, there would be no turning back.

    Workout again was JMBR only instead of doing disc 1 again I went ahead and did disc 3.  I should mention I completed her first phase in November successfully.  I thought the first disc was getting comfortable. While I still had troubles with push ups and planks, I decided to move up anyway.  Holy cow this women likes planks and push-ups! 

    How did you all do today?! Did you get a workout in?  We are going out of town this weekend, so I'm h0ping to get my workout/shower in before we leave so I don't have to do it late tomorrow night!  Saturday and Sunday will be rest days for me.  Yay!

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013

    Just Do It

    First lets talk about the food.  Womp, womp, wooommp.  Pretty much sums it up.  I always start out great, then from 1-4 is my "time."  I cannot stop thinking about food and I cannot stop snacking!  It is really frustrating, but I'm working on it. SLOWLY it feels like, but I AM working.  For breakfast I had a body bi vi shake(recipe below), because I didn't feel like cooking anything.  For lunch I had a salad with leftover sloppy Joe mix(organic spices and meat) thrown on top for a taco salad with 1 full egg and 1 egg white(hard boiled). This afternoon I actually had 2 bowls of life cereal and some graham crackers with peanut butter, because well it rocks.  However tonight I was not hungry for supper since I had snacked.  I also had some almonds with mini chocolate chips, so I'm guessing that helped fill me up as well.  So not a GREAT day, but I'm getting better.  Normally, I would have searched for something sugary and gross to make. 

    I also wanted a Diet Pepsi like you would not believe.  For all my diet pop drinkers, you understand the major need/want for those.  I did NOT give in!  I have not had any form of pop since Saturday and have no intention of going back. 

    As for the Workout:

    Today I really felt like just skipping my workout.  My husband however, reminded me that I would feel better when I was done.  He even offered to do the workout with me.  So downstairs we went with all 3 kiddo's in tow.  The two older ones tried to do it, but mostly got in the way because it is a small space.  I think it was good for them to see and participate with us though. 

    Today was Jillian Michael's Body Revolution day 3!  Which meant CARDIO!  ugggg! I hate cardio with a passion.  At least when I'm doing weight training days I don't have to jump.  I don't like jumping because well, it hurts the girls(tmi), but it's true.  Anyone who is bigger understands!

    It was a bit of a rough start, and I didn't go as quickly as I would have liked, but I DID it!  After doing so I was reading through Pinterest in the health and fitness section and I found this!

    Just get up and do it — You might have to go slower than you would like and you might not go as far, but you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t stop making the excuses!

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013

    Day 2

    Today is/was day 2 of Jillian Michael's Body Revolution.  The workout was great.  EXHAUSTING, but great!  I'm glad I did it. I was sweaty at the end and definitely ready for it to be done.  She has a way of killing you in only 30 minutes that I never dreamed!

    My meals/eating were completely on target yesterday. Today has been great except for this afternoon.  Major cranky kids and a mom who didn't add any carbs to her lunch, makes for a bowl of life cereal and 2 graham crackers.  At least I'm hoping that is what it was because I didn't have any carbs in my lunch.  I will definitely make sure to add some sort of bread or beans into it tomorrow.  I just had a salad with some ham and a hard boiled egg today. 

    I WILL get there!  I am learning and paying attention to my body this time, which in the past, I have not done.  Learning the signs of eating everything in sight is a good way to start!

    What workout did you do today?!?!

    Monday, February 18, 2013

    Workout and Measurements

    I totally lied to you all yesterday.  While I had every intention of starting off with the 30 day shred I changed my mind at the last minute. I will tell you why.  In my mind, I was picking the 30 day shred because it was ONLY 30 days!  Then I could stop.  I decided to go ahead and do the Body Revolution from the beginning again.  I have done phase 1 successfully in the past.  Then the holidays got in the way and well, the excuses kicked in.  Crappy I know, but that's how it went.  I figured since I was going to work on following her meal plan from body revolution it just made sense to do the whole program.

    I did weight and measurements last night. Last time I didn't take my measurements and I got VERY discouraged not seeing the weight drop as much as I thought it should.  I could tell things fit differently, but didn't have the numbers to back that up.  I thought my weight was WAY higher so I weighed this morning and it was a 3 pound difference! yikes! I am going to go ahead and just start in the middle.  OK, as embarrassing as this is, here are my measurements.

    Weight: 186
    Chest: (at fullest) 41''
    Right arm: 13.5''
    Waist: 36''
    Right Thigh: 25''
    Calf: 14 1/4''

    Alright there ya have it. My starting measurements.  I finished workout 1 right before typing this and I will tell you my arms are KILLING me! They feel like dead weight.  I remember this program being tough before, but I'm definitely in for it!

    For breakfast this morning I had Jillian's recipe for Steel cut oats with apples/almonds.  Wasn't my favorite, but I'm used to having brown sugar and honey and the works.  Lunch is going to be her Chicken salad recipe so lets hope I like it! It uses Greek yogurt instead of mayo, I will be honest I'm NOT a fan of yogurt in any way, shape, or form let alone GREEK yogurt.  I do however love me some chicken so here we go.  It also calls to have grapes and pecans in it, and I am going to not put them in it, but have them on the side.  I like to "think" I'm eating more food, plus mixed in I think would be interesting!

    We will see you later!

    Sunday, February 17, 2013

    Pop Update

    So today marks day 4 of no pop!  I have had 1 8oz can of sunkist and 1/2 of a dr.pepper yesterday at a restaurant.  My husband tells me it feels like I'm giving up smoking.  I'm cranky, agitated, and have crazy mood swings!  I guess that means that all that fake sugar was really doing a number on my mood.  I'm sure it also didn't help with the depression and anxiety I have dealt with as well. 

    I will be back later with my measurements along with my workout regimen for the first month! I went grocery shopping yesterday and have next weeks meals planned out.  While I'm not starting off with Jillian Michaels Body revolution, I am starting off with her meal plan that is included in that packet. 

    Friday, February 15, 2013

    Here Goes Nothing!

    I am working on getting fit.  I have 3 kids and feel like being a better example for them is better then the taste of chocolate and pop!  I feel like blogging this may be the best way to stay accountable.  I'm working towards the paleo lifestyle.  Of course we will still consume dairy by way of Cheese and Milk.  I tried coconut milk and my kids hated it.  I will mostly use almond milk for myself. 

    I gave up pop as of yesterday, sort of! I did have a Sunkist today because the massive headache was to much.  So tomorrow no pop. One every other day until I can get used to it will be better then the 48oz bottles I have been having everyday. So going paleo slowly I think is the way to go to avoid to big of a crash! I'm hoping that by March 1st, I will be switched over and off of the caffeine and sugar!

    Next time I post I will post my weight and measurements.  I have a couple of programs I want to work on including Jillian Michael's Body Revolution, Tony Horton's P90, and Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.  I'm not sure which one I will start with.  I want to do each of these as reviews to see what works best for me. 

    Thanks for going on this journey with me!