Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The plan this week

Sorry I didn't post anything about what I'm doing in the last one.  Apparently I needed a little cheese with my wine.
So even though this week is half over I'm going to post my plan.

Cx veggie bake
Salsa burgers
Santa Fe chicken
Sweet potato pizza
Leftovers x2

C25k week 2 day 1 plus 2 mile walk (DONE)
C25K week 2 day 2 (DONE)
30 day shred
C25k week 2 day 3
Active recovery
Walk 3 miles
C2k5 week 2 day 4 (I'm doing this week 4x yes!)

There is the plan! On Monday that extra walk was a total random thing.  I had just finished my workout when a friend came in to do her walk, so I decided to stay and walk with her. Knowing she would only walk 2 miles made it easier to decide that! I knew I could do 30 more minutes of walking.

I want to add in some strength type exercises as well, so this week I'm adding in a 20 min shred video.  I'm thinking next week I might try to do Mwf runs and then t and th do arms/legs.   I may be Getty ahead of  myself so let's see how the rest of this week goes!

What is your workout and eating plans??

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