Friday, March 1, 2013

Crazy Week!

Hey Friends <3

Sorry for the lack of posting this week.  I have been dealing with some sick kiddo's.  While never fun we have had a good  week eats wise.

I did do a lot of my shakes/smoothies for breakfast/lunch just due to the fact that I was trying to detox my body from all the crap I had been consuming.

It's looking like a decent loss for the week so far.  I can't say any inches have slipped away because I haven't gotten in much exercise.  I have done a couple of walks, but that is it.  That seems to fall by the way side when things get hectic.  Even though that should be my number 1 priority!  Argggg.... finding balance is never easy.

So this weekend, probably Sunday night, I will post a tentative menu/workout plan for the week.  That I will plan on following unless something cray cray comes up.

What helps you get in exercise when dealing with sick kiddo's or crazy schedules?

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