Sunday, March 3, 2013

Eats for the Week

Hey Friends <3  Seriously, I feel like I'm talking to myself! ha ha

How was your weekend?!  Ours went by way to quickly and also way slow at the same time.  We had 2 sick kiddo's, but LOTS of sunshine.

Yesterday I got in a 2.7 mile walk and today I did 1.7.  I would have done more, but I took the kiddo's out and that was about all they could handle not feeling well.

Tomorrow is a rest day/active recovery day for me.

Eats this week will look something like this:

Indian Tacos (I use Grape-seed Oil, I feel like that makes it a bit healthier)
Salsa Verde (out of my Freezer book from
Couple of nights of left overs
Grilled Chicken with some sort of quinoa salad.

Then this weekend will be whatever we have in the fridge, or I will come up with a pinterest recipe this week.  What are your menu's looking like?!

"pin"spriation of the day:
ha ha.. Sorry, that may not be a fitness one, but it was sure cute.

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