Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hey Friends.  <3

How has your fitness been going?!  I have walked the last 2 days and am hoping to get in a couch to 5k training tonight.  The kids don't have school tomorrow so we are thinking of heading over to the next town and getting pizza.  The taco pizza over there is to die for.  Plus, i get one last major indulgence before Monday when the 8 week challenge kicks in.  Not that this pizza is completely unhealthy.  It is actually very much like a great big salad with a side of bread sticks. Seriously good.

I am working on putting together a post of my 5 day reset and I'm planning on posting daily while doing it with weights ect.  I already turned in my weight for the reset, and so I have to be crazy careful this weekend not to over indulge at Easter.  Speaking of... We will be gone for Easter visiting family, so we are waiting around tomorrow for the ups guy to get here with the goods.  My first day of this challenge will be done on the road.  No fun, but that is what needs to be done.

The 5th day may also be a bit of a challenge as I got asked today to be a chaperone at my son's field trip.  I guess the word Challenge is definitely taking over here.  I am hoping since this first week we just mix it with water, I "should" be okay, so we will see.

Any low glycemic meals that you make for you family would be GREATLY appreciated here too!!!!  I need some ideas!

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