Monday, February 18, 2013

Workout and Measurements

I totally lied to you all yesterday.  While I had every intention of starting off with the 30 day shred I changed my mind at the last minute. I will tell you why.  In my mind, I was picking the 30 day shred because it was ONLY 30 days!  Then I could stop.  I decided to go ahead and do the Body Revolution from the beginning again.  I have done phase 1 successfully in the past.  Then the holidays got in the way and well, the excuses kicked in.  Crappy I know, but that's how it went.  I figured since I was going to work on following her meal plan from body revolution it just made sense to do the whole program.

I did weight and measurements last night. Last time I didn't take my measurements and I got VERY discouraged not seeing the weight drop as much as I thought it should.  I could tell things fit differently, but didn't have the numbers to back that up.  I thought my weight was WAY higher so I weighed this morning and it was a 3 pound difference! yikes! I am going to go ahead and just start in the middle.  OK, as embarrassing as this is, here are my measurements.

Weight: 186
Chest: (at fullest) 41''
Right arm: 13.5''
Waist: 36''
Right Thigh: 25''
Calf: 14 1/4''

Alright there ya have it. My starting measurements.  I finished workout 1 right before typing this and I will tell you my arms are KILLING me! They feel like dead weight.  I remember this program being tough before, but I'm definitely in for it!

For breakfast this morning I had Jillian's recipe for Steel cut oats with apples/almonds.  Wasn't my favorite, but I'm used to having brown sugar and honey and the works.  Lunch is going to be her Chicken salad recipe so lets hope I like it! It uses Greek yogurt instead of mayo, I will be honest I'm NOT a fan of yogurt in any way, shape, or form let alone GREEK yogurt.  I do however love me some chicken so here we go.  It also calls to have grapes and pecans in it, and I am going to not put them in it, but have them on the side.  I like to "think" I'm eating more food, plus mixed in I think would be interesting!

We will see you later!

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