Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hey friends.  As you noticed no post Friday.  I was still crazy sore and decided to take a rest day on Friday as I'm trying to listen to my body a little this time.  We traveled as a family so I didn't get any exercise in yesterday.  We will hopefully make it home today as it is snowing like crazy here.  If we do I will do a workout tonight. 

Eats have been fairly stable.  Usually when we leave for the weekend we use that as our excuse.  I have done fairly well. Of course we ate out, but I limited what I got to what I would normally order on my weight watchers diet, so I'm proud of that.  I did have 1 pop, but I went ahead and had a regular instead of diet to still avoid the aspartame. 

How did you all do this weekend!?  Weigh in and measurements should be up tomorrow sometime! *pending the fact that we make it home :)

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