Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time Flys

Hey friends :)  Bet you didn't expect to see me back so soon.

This week I'm planning on being MUCH better in the food/work out department.  I have trainings scheduled 3 days this week and a 10k on Sunday.  A 10K?! YOU?!  Don't worry it's not a run!  YET!  Someday I hope to run one, but this weekend is just a 10K hike.  It's an amazing hike out here in South Dakota where only 2 times a year do they allow people to hike up Crazy Horse.  My mom and sister in law did it last year and I was incredibly jealous.  I, at the time, was about 8 months pregnant and in no shape to do that.  So I'm very happy and excited to do it this year with my mom.

I will work on posting pictures.  I know I have to post any, but somehow it makes this whole blogging through my journey seem a bit to real.  People will actually KNOW who I am!  It's scary, but I promise I will take pictures and post them.

This weeks workout schedule:
Monday: C25K
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: C25K
Thursday: C25K
Friday: Off (travel day)
Saturday: Off (wedding)
Sunday: 10k Crazy Horse Walk

For meals I'm planning simple since we are still in the middle of a move.  I'm making up about 4 pound of sloppy joe meat (using the Wildtree blend, as me if you are curious)  So it will be all organic and no extra chemicals or MSG added in!   That will last for the kiddo's and me for a few days.  I usually put mine on salads.

Also, I will be make the kids alfredo (their favorite, not so much mine) while I eat salad or something different.  There will be left overs from the freezer we need to eat up and if we still need more we will do grilled chicken.

I got a bountiful basket this week, so am very excited for the corn on the cob!! Cucumbers are always a favorite around here too.  I also got lots of cherries and blueberries, so our produce is set for a good week or two.

Question of the Day:  WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU DO WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASH?!  I got 6 good sized ones in my basket today and have no idea what to do with them!

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