Friday, May 24, 2013

All Over the Place

So incredibly sorry I have not been on so much the last couple of weeks.  Normally when someone is posting about losing weight and working out then not actually posting there is a theory that you may be gaining weight and not working out.  That is NOT the case this time.

Between my grandfathers passing and us moving life has just been hectic.  I have been keeping up with my workout schedule almost to the T.  I have missed only 1 day in my training due to being sick.  I am slowly learning when my body needs a break and it was screaming at me to just rest, so I did.

Eats have been all over, but the same.  I have tried to make lots of one thing then eat of it for a few days, so as to not have to cook so much random stuff.  My kitchen is TORN apart, and really I have very few items to even work with until the move.  The next 4-6 weeks will be total chaos basically.

Once we close on our house life will be grand.  Errr... something like that.

How have all your workouts been?

Any new ones I should be trying?

Any new Recipes?

I have a few for you, but one thing I have been absolutely loving lately is MANGOS!  Can you believe I have not ever tried these until just recently.  Thank you Bountiful Baskets!

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