Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey Friends <3

I'm sorry for being MIA for the last week.  We had a family emergency and I had to be out of town for the last week.  As most of my readers know my grandpa had cancer.  He was the only grandpa I ever knew and  last Friday he lost his battle.  He was an AMAZING man.  He has already inspired me in more ways then I can count.  Sitting around with family talking, and he has inspired me even more.  I had already decided to run this race for those who couldn't.  ie: those with no legs, illnesses, injuries, etc.  Now I have decided that I'm running this first 5k completely in the name of my Grandpa.

I am already working up an awesome shirt to wear, and am so excited.  Another thing that I found out about my grandpa was his favorite quote or motto:  If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.   I NEVER knew or had heard him say that before.  My mom said that was always his big thing, if its worth it to you to do something then it's worth doing it right.  Therefore I'm doing this right because it's worth doing.

Here's my update on my workout schedule last week:
Monday: C25k
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: C25K
Thursday: OFF
Friday: C25K

Yep, you saw that right, I did my all 3 of my workouts on schedule and did fairly well.  This week I had a lot of mental issues obviously and struggled a bit moving into week 4 on Wednesday.  Today I finish week 4 and am thinking I may spend 1 more week here.  It' the half way point, and while I feel like my recovery period is so much better and I'm ready to go quicker, I do find myself struggling to make it through the entire 5 minute run.  Today it is run 4, run 6, run 3.  So we will see how it goes.  If I struggle like I did on Wednesday I really think it's best to redo the week.

How have your workouts gone this week?
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