Wednesday, June 26, 2013

rumply tummy

Yep, that's how I feel.  I officially am BACK on weight watchers and going strong.  I have already lost a few pounds and of course as with any new things you are hungry until your stomach gets used to it.  I did great the first 2 days , yesterday I saved points for desserts and that was my first mistake.  I need to not do that because then the majority of my points are junk and I go to bed hungry and grumpy.

Today we have a retirement party to head to and I am doing the same thing. Saving points for the junk.  Not sure why.  I am however going to eat a sensible supper.  I'm going in with a plan.  Steak is on the agenda and everyone is bringing a side.  I brought one I can eat and am going to fill my plate with fruit/salads.  I will allow myself to pick one treat and go with it.  I am not going to feel guilty, but I'm going to portion.

I have a couple people already on my side with this, so if I go the other way I have some back up.  Can't wait to see how my first challenge goes. Looking forward to it being a slam dunk.

Will update as I go and want to come up with something to make it fun for you guys.  Maybe weekly recipes, monthly giveaways, or something of the sort.  Comment with what you would be most excited to see.


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