Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let's Talk About Food

I have recently discovered that it is the FOOD that really makes or breaks the "healthy living."  You can workout all day everyday, but if you are trying to LOSE then you won't.  If you do you will maybe not lose as quickly as you would like.

For me, I have learned that working out everyday with Jillian Michaels meant nothing if I wasn't eating right.  I have always read that abs happen in the kitchen, but didn't really take the time to figure out why.  Now that we are tracking what we eat again, I'm learning that I can honestly lose without working out.  If I eat right, I can keep that in check.  Of course the hubs and I have to make a game out of everything, so we set mini goals for ourselves.  This week the goal is 10 miles.

Tonight we are doing a game where we will both go 2 miles, the same path and whoever beats the others time wins.  The winner gets something.  A golf trip alone, no diapers for 24 hours, or dish duty.  Really you can make it anything you want.

I'm cursed lucky enough to have a partner who likes fish.  I have always told him if he catches it or buys it and brings it home, I will figure out a way to cook it.  When I do the grocery shopping that isn't hard to avoid.  However, I showed up yesterday and he has tilapia in his hand.  I'm thinking how gross is this.  I kept my promise though and got some feedback from facebook and found a taco recipe that we tried tonight.  It was not bad.  While, I won't make a habit out of eating it, I can find it in my heart to make it once or twice a month because I know the hubs enjoys it.  Plus, the health benefits aren't bad either.

I took a picture, but it turned out not so great.  I will learn I promise!  Here is a picture of the one we had, I just used the picture from where I got the recipe.  Go HERE to find it and the photo source.

On another note.  My activity today was SWIMMING.  How amazing is that.  I jumped in at break and got in 15 minutes of laps.  I'm headed out here soon for some training.  It will be my first time running since my 5k.  I just walked this week because my legs were totally sore.  I'm starting week 3 Day 1 of C25K.

What are some foods you like to eat?  Anything new I should try? What did you do today to sweat? 

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